My Feeling

I just share it with U



I'm sorry for every mistake I've made
I'm sorry for a rude action i've done
I'm sorry for a harsh word I've said
I'm sorry for my bucking

I'm just a little kid
I'm just Ur silly child
I'm just a nosy little girl
I'm just imperfect

U knew me well
U r the one who will die for me
U r the one who love me most
U r the one and only

U r my great protector
U r my wonderful patron
U r my big supporter
U r my beautiful angel

U said I'm Ur heart
U said I'm Ur precious
U said I'm Ur angel
U said I'm Ur love

I know Ur love will never die for me
I know Ur patient will never end for me
I know Ur tears will always flow for me
I know Ur smile will always accompany me


U love me more than Ur self
U'd have done anything for me
U'd have taken my pain for my happiness
U'd have cried for my sadness

U r everything...
U r a symbol of mercy...
I love U 4Eva
I wanna thank to U
For everything U've done for me
For everything U'll do for me


kakang sung said...

bhs inggris, no comment hehe........

anita granger said...

hahahaa...kok gitu ceyyyyy..hixx...

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